48 Hours in Los Cabos

2016 11.28 (2)

Los Cabos in Mexico is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway trip. Many travelers who are looking for a short break from their daily grind they can find lots of things to do and accomplish many in 48 hours. There are lots of sunshine, beaches and great food. Here are some ideas for a quick getaway to Los Cabos.

Tour Land’s End – You can accomplished this by doing two things at once. The best way to tour Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas by doing a glass bottom boat tour. You can sights above and below water with underwater wildlife in Cabo San Lucas. From here, you can also see the marina from a different perspective. This tour take about one hour.

2016 11.29 (21)

Eat seafood – the marina in San Lucas alone has a handful of restaurants and bars open all day and most of the night serving seafood dishes for every visitor. The seafood I found being offered served in menus are various fishes, shrimp, octopus, squid and clams.


Go tequila tasting – If Napa has the best wines in the world, Mexico is the home of the tequila. Many bars and restaurant and some merchants offer tequila tasting to visitors. You’re not expected to purchase a bottle but you are welcome to if you find something you like. This activity is best done (I think) after you’d had your meal.

2016 11.29 (66)

Snorkeling – There are many tour companies offering water-bound activity like this in Cabo and there are many locations to do it. Depending on where you do it this activity can take up to three hours including transportation to the location. Most companies offer equipment rental with the rate so no need to bring your own.


Cruising in a Catamaran – one of the best way to see both San Lucas and San Jose is from the ocean. Baja California Sur is surrounded by two bodies of water – the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Sea of Cortez to the east. This is a perfect way to end a day’s activities. Some of these catamaran cruise also offer dinner so be sure to shop around.

Visit the mission at San Jose del Cabo – Los Cabos after all was first established by Jesuit missionaries back in the 1500’s but some 70 years later, the Franciscans took over. The mission church you see today located at the town’s Plaza Mayor is a reproduction of a later model of the building. But it is still worth visiting. If you happen to be in San Jose on Sunday, you can attend mass on the church.

2016 11.30 (12)

Visit different art galleries – many artists have settled here in Los Cabos and some of them established their own galleries or have been working with gallery owners in Los Cabos. On Thursday evenings, there is an art walk in San Jose main town square for those interested in seeing or even buying art from this area.

Visit a glass-blowing factory – this is another art form Los Cabos is quite proud of and many of them offer tours of their factories for visitors to Los Cabos. Today, there about at least four glass-blowing factories in Los Cabos who opens its doors to visitors for tours. They also have showrooms where you can purchase some of their products.

2016 11.30 (52)

Go shopping – you can either do this in Los Cabos or in San Jose as both towns have their own share of souvenir shops and crafts shops. There is also a big mall in San Lucas by the marina called Puerto Paraiso. But I prefer checking out the smaller shops instead. There are also several jewelry stores in Los Cabos offering good prices for silver and semi-precious stone jewelry.

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