Let’s Have a Drink: Pisco Sour


It is often said that Pisco Sour is the national cocktail of Peru however they have a strong competition for this title with neighboring country, Chile. Regardless, I had the pleasure to have a taste of this cocktail during my visit to Aguas Calientes, the nearby town to Machu Picchu.

After a couple or hours or so touring Machu Picchu, I went back to Aguas Calientes to have lunch. It was at the restaurant called “Full House” where I first had a taste of Pisco Sour. It was served to me in a small glass cup or shot glass as an aperitif. Pisco Sour has a similar taste to another Latin American cocktail called Margarita. The ingredients to make Pisco Sour is similar – tequila, lime and sweetener. But with Pisco Sour, you would add an egg white to the mix which explains the foamy surface of the drink. Mix all these ingredients in a blender like you would a margarita and you have Pisco Sour.

You can have Pisco Sour at any bar or restaurant in Peru. It is very popular with visitors and locals alike.

6 April (64)

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