Photo Tour: London’s Boroughs Market

2017 Feb 23 (5)

My first trip to London was back in October 2002 for vacation. Back then I did a lot of touristy things and visited sites such as Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and so on. For my first day back to London, I’ve decided to go to Boroughs Market. It seems to be a touristy place because it is in every travel guidebook I can find about London. But it was not meant to be that to begin with. Boroughs Market is first and foremost a place of commerce and trade. It is a historic market first opened in 1756, but it is still open for business and operates just the way it always had (I assume. . .) It is located in the Southwalk neighborhood of London.

Boroughs Market is smaller than I thought it would be, at least the main structure is. The ground level is where most of the big merchants with the big stalls are and there is a restaurant of the top level called Roast. But if you go around the corner just next to the Southwalk Cathedral, there are more vendors here mainly selling fruits, vegetables, chocolates, dry goods, bread and cooked items such as sausages, Mediterranean and Indian food perfect for lunch some of which you can try before purchasing. There are also cafes, bakeries and chocolate shops surrounding the market itself.

2017 Feb 23 (85)

2017 Feb 23 (94)

2017 Feb 23 (79)

2017 Feb 23 (104)

2017 Feb 23 (87)

2017 Feb 23 (96)

2017 Feb 23 (96)

The best way to get to Boroughs Market is by hopping onto the tube and getting off at London Bridge tube station. This tube station is just across the street from the entrance of the market. If you plan to go, bring your shopping bag with you for your purchases.

Safe travels!



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