Are We Really Ready to Reopen?

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There are some cities in the United States that had reopened its doors to the public. Businesses had recently reopened to people who are no longer live in quarantine. However, there are public places such as trains station that remains quite empty. San Francisco slowly opened its doors to the public ever so cautiously. Some cities are still hesitating to reopen its borders again for any incoming visitors and imports. But when there was a resurgence of people infected by COVID-19, cities and countries had decided to close its doors again. With these events unfolding, one asks the question – are we really ready to open our doors to everyone?

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If one follows the news very carefully, the number of casualties seems to be rising. The trouble however is with the closures of businesses, people were left unemployed causing the downward spiral of the economy in many places including the United States. The people ever so eager to open again are those who had lost their income during the height of the pandemic. This had provoked most government to reopen only to close again a few days later. Who could blame these people wanting to go back to work so they could again earn an income?

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With the resurgence of the number of people infected by COVID-19, I for one, do not believe we are ready to reopen. A pandemic such as coronavirus is not something that would easily go away and disappear. By reopening, many governments are putting their citizens are a greater risk of infection, especially when the number of deaths is rising. Here in the United States, federal leadership had been silent for several days now, expecting the virus to just fade away and had reduced any work that is needed to rid of the virus. To most citizens of this country, this is a very stupid and unacceptable thing to do. Many people who are looking for help and answers are met with deft ears and are left hanging on to false hope. The year 2020 is an election year in the United States. If we are to survive this pandemic, is the current leadership going to help us achieve that goal or should the people of this country look for new leadership who will guide us back to good health and a new normal?

What do you think?

Stay safe and look after each other.

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