The Great American Road Trip: If One Can Travel During a Pandemic

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One of the best inventions America had ever created is the road trip. It is the ability for one or a group of people to travel by land with the use of their personal vehicle. This great American invention dawned sometime in the early 1950’s, when almost every middle-class household in the country has at least one family car. This was the decade the United States constructed the superhighways coiling all over the country during a time of economic prosperity. The American road trip allowed every American to see the country in their own time and in their own pace.

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The year 2020 however, brought a dangerous pandemic in various parts of the country and in different parts of the world. This made traveling a very difficult for the adventurous in us. In the beginning of the pandemic, domestic and international carriers grounded their planes to prevent the spread of the virus. Countries enforced travel bans prohibiting people from entering and leaving the country. Some even enforced the closures of ports halting the entry of all shipments of trade goods. Little by little, countries are lifting their restrictions as they find a decline in the number of infected people. Here is the US, some had decided to start the summer taking road trips regardless of the pandemic but exercising extra travel precautions. To people itching to travel, the road trip is the next best thing.

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In many places, summer had arrived. Millions of people would travel by plane to far-flung places often underestimating places a bit closer to home. There are places that are opening to the public again with the conditions of wearing face masks, social distancing and limiting admittance to a small number of people. These restrictions may last all summer and perhaps beyond. This could be the new normal for the travel industry for a while.

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Stay safe and take good care of each other.


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