New Hope: Covid-19 Vaccine

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A few days ago, the world remembered when Covid-19 was announced as a pandemic. The world was then instructed by medical experts to stay home and self-quarantine. This pandemic claimed thousands of lives and millions were put in great danger. Those who lost loved ones due to the pandemic were not able to say their goodbyes in person in fear of getting infected.

The one-year anniversary however, had brought a great deal of hope to millions around the world. Before the anniversary, thousands if not millions f people had received vaccinations for Covid-19. Pharmaceutical companies are producing vaccines as fast as they could in the United States alone and so are the rest of the world. This very promising solution gives hope to millions. If just a matter of time when we all get the vaccinations we so need.

What started happening next is the very slow and cautious opening of many businesses that left many people unemployed losing their source of income. This very optimistic move made many people happy not just because they could earn a living again but also for the return of their loyal patrons as well. With this, other places are opening too. Here in the United States, tourist attractions such as Disney themed parks are other important and famous landmarks are opening to the public, too. Does this mean we can all travel again?

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Many People are still talking about the new normal. The talk of the new normal involves wearing a face mask in public and social distancing. Though these were recommended medical professionals to prevent the spread of the virus. Medical experts say they would recommend this practice until all of us get vaccinated but I feel this may extend even after that. It may later become our new normal for a while.

What I’m looking forward to the most is to be able to visit places again and seeing the people I haven’t seen for more than a year. I look forward to hugging my nieces and nephews again, spending time outdoors, celebrating all important holidays and events with every person I care about. I can’t wait for all these to come to fruition, hopefully soon.

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Stay safe everyone.

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