A New Year, A New Beginning

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

It’s a few days before 2022 begins and everyone is looking forward to more merry-making, feasting and revelry. Normally this is the frenzy everyone looks forward to. The excitement and frenzy normally do not happen until a day or two after Christmas as part of everyone’s holiday from work and school. Revelers seem to anticipate more fun and revelry to celebrate the New Year’s Eve heading to the stroke of midnight. If Christmas is about family and gift-giving, the new year is often about celebrating with friends and other loved ones. There are some however that make what is often referred to as a new year’s resolution – something people would promise themselves to do for the following symbolizing a new beginning. Some of these so-called resolutions would be for self-improvement such as exercising and eating healthy.  Some can stick to their resolutions for an entire year while other couldn’t. It’s only a matter of time when we can all see if one can seriously stick to their resolution.

There are some however, who would make resolution to do things they have been meaning to do but kept delaying for one reason or another. These are things or plans that most people procrastinate for an extended amount of time. Things such as home improvement plans or fulfilling dreams such as starting a new business or doing more things that one loves to do. Other will say things such as managing money well and saving more for retirement. Others will promise to be more productive and manage their time wisely. Regardless of what it is, one hopes to first, stick with it and more importantly, actual seeing things through and hopefully enjoy the fruits of one’s labor.

But these days, one must think of the circumstances of the times and society. We are still in an ongoing pandemic wearing mask and social distancing in public. To some, it seems making such New Year’s resolution is frivolous at such a time. Perhaps it may be a good time to make resolution especially concerning one’s health and well-being. Self-care is more important than ever especially when it comes to lifesaving practices recommended. Despite the science and technology we have, we are now two years into the pandemic and statistics shows people infected by Covid-19 and its variant are rising. For the year 2022, is there any way we can all endeavor to get vaccinated and booster shots, complying to health and safety regulations recommended by medical professionals so we can all go back to normal? Can we all stop being so stubborn and do all recommended medical advice to prevent the spread of Covid-19? How about this for a New Year’s resolution?

Take very good care of yourselves and look after each other.

Happy New Year.

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