Traveling in Inclement Weather

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In the last few days, the United States had been experiencing some seriously bad weather from both ends of the country. The west coast is experiencing a lot of wet weather lately casing a lot of slow even dangerous commutes and the east coast is having heavy snow storms causing road closures and people getting stuck on the road commuting. If one watches the news in the last few days, one will see and hear travelers getting stuck at airports for hours trying to get to their destination due to cancelled flights. If a traveler does get to leave, there is a shortage of staff serving travelers due to testing positive of Covid-19. So, how does one travel in such inclement weather?

There was a time in the travel industry when the weather is quite uncooperative to both pilots and travelers, the airline will simply offer the inconvenienced traveler some compensation. Those days are looooong gone as airlines realized the bad weather is out of their control. This made travelers even more frustrated when traveling, especially when traveling during the busiest time of the year. Its easy to tell people not to travel at time like these but with the ongoing pandemic going on for two years now accompanied with two variants, people are longing to travel again not just to see family and friends but also to get out of the rut of being homebound. Let’s not forget the people who traveled abroad and could not get home due to current Covid restrictions.

Some people stranded at places and airports decided to be patient and wait it out. There are a lot of people who does not have a lot of patience but sometimes this is the best thing to do for one’s own safety. If you decided to go this route, be sure to keep your phone well-charged and keep any other form of communication open. This will allow you to keep in touch with loved ones keeping them updated of your travel status as well as their peace of mind. Don’t forget to do this as this is very important. I would advice keeping all forms of communication open anytime one get stuck or stranded while traveling.

Happy trails and safe travels.

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